East Africa Sub-Regional Session



The East Africa sub-regional session panel of expert will discuss the trends, common risks and challenges arising at various stages of construction projects in the region. The session will also involve panel discussions where delegates will be able to pose questions to the speakers. During the session, the speakers will address the following topics:

  •  An overview of the construction market in East Africa.
  •  What does the future hold for the market in East Africa?
  •  The central role of China in building and funding projects
  •  Infrastructure/transport/connectivity – where are we?
  • What are the opportunities for new entrants in the market?
  •  What can new entrants learn from established players in the market.
  •  What challenges are unique to the region?
  •  Procurement, standard forms, and common structure for projects.
  •  Financing construction projects in East Africa.
  •  Key considerations when negotiating a dispute resolution agreement.
  •  Protecting the company and project.
  •  Proactive project management.
  •  Avoiding the graveyard/dispute avoidance.
  •  Alternative dispute resolution methods in the resolution of East African construction disputes.
  •  Are claims/disputes resolved differently on East African projects compared to those in other jurisdictions and, if so, how?
  • Common issues arising from construction claims and disputes in East Africa
  •  Alternative dispute resolution methods in the resolution of East African construction disputes.
  • Enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign judgments in East Africa.

The session speakers are:

  • Ademola Bamgbose, Hogan Lovells, London.
  • Alastair Farr, FTI Consulting, London.
  • Amyn Mussa, A&K Law, Kenya.
  • Andrew Skipper, Hogan Lovells, London.
  • Angus Rankin, Hogan Lovells, London.
  • Arun Velusami, Hogan Lovells, London.
  • Chacha Odera, Oraro & Company Advocates, Kenya.
  • Cindy Oraro, Oraro and company, Kenya.
  • Damian James, Damian James Delay and Quantum Experts, London.
  • Engr Byangire Paul, Regional Representative of Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners, Uganda.
  • Engr Papias Kawawadi, President Elect of the Federation of Africa
    Engineering Organizations and Chairman at the World Federation of Engineering Organizations’ Committee on Anti-Corruption.
  • Ilham Kabbouri, Hogan Lovells, London.
  • John Mbaluto, Oraro & Company Advocates, Kenya.
  • Mushtaq Namdarkhan, BLC Roberts, Mauritius.
  • Nathan Searle, Hogan Lovells, London, UK.
  • Ninsiima Irene, Angualia Busiku & Co, Uganda.
  • Ngo-Martins Okonmah, Aluko & Oyebode, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Oltesh Thobias, Chief Regional Procurement Officer, Africa Development Bank.
  • Pamela Ager, Oraro and company, Kenya.
  • Samuel Beyene, Legal Line Partners, Rwanda.
  • Suzanne Ratray, Rankin Engineering in Zambia.
  • Thierry Linares, FTI Consulting, Paris.
  • Yakoob Alli, Group One, South Africa
  • Yolanda Adams, CMS Cameron, London, UK.


Date & Time: 12 April 2020 12:00 – 15:00 GMT

Venue: Online