Africa Construction Law Week - Virtual Conference 9 - 15 April 2021

In collaboration with leading law firms, Chambers and consultancies, Africa Construction Law (ACL) is set to launch with its inaugural event, Africa Construction Law Week – demystifying construction law in Africa.

Africa as a continent has taken steps towards initiating more sustainable regional growth with the recent launch of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement. AfCFTA has been widely recognised as a turning point for the continent in the medium to long term. It is projected to boost intra-regional trade and growth with various studies estimating notable welfare gains for African countries. If successful, AfCFTA will create a more connected Africa by bridging the infrastructural gap through investment in infrastructure. As such, African infrastructure projects are noteworthy of discussion, particularly given their new found higher priority across the continent.

The Africa Construction Law Week is a virtual international conference taking place in April 2021. It benefits from the participation of experienced construction law professionals from across the whole continent (West, East, North, South, Francophone and Lusophone) to discuss the infrastructural challenges faced both across the continent and bespoke to each region.

The ACL understands that Africa is not a homogeneous block to which the same construction practices and contract forms can simply be applied to all projects undertaken within the continent. Consequently, the conference will provide insights on the local peculiarities and opportunities bespoke to each region. More specifically, the conference will address the procurement process in these African regions as well as common construction risks, the administration and management of construction contracts, and claims and dispute management.

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