Igor Corelj

Director & Quantum Expert, HKA, DUBAI, UAE

Igor Corelj is a Structural Engineer and a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with over 16 years of experience in the international construction industry. He has acted as a quantum Expert on eights occasions and has assisted on more than 20 complex engineering and construction arbitration matters, including power and oil & gas projects in several African countries.

Igor’s experience includes on-site contracting experience, commercial management of large infrastructure projects at head office level and consultancy services at all stages and aspects of the project lifecycle. By combining detailed technical knowledge, international commercial management experience and awareness of legal issues, Igor can articulate clear and methodical explanations of the key issues relating to the quantification and valuation of various claims.
Igor has been recognized in WWL directories and the most recent testimonials applauded him as “quite simply a true expert” who receives praise for his “ability to process vast amount of data” and present it in a concise manner.