The African Construction Law Review

Africa Construction Law Review is a research-based resource that:

  • assesses the level of development of construction law and practice in individual African jurisdictions;
  • provides practitioners and academics with information about the divergent construction legal frameworks and practices in Africa; and
  • identifies best practices within the continent.

The Review considers construction and infrastructure issues that commonly arise in Africa, including matters regarding the procurement process, forms of contracting, the respective obligations of employer and contractor, specific aspects of contractual performance and dispute resolution and avoidance practices in Africa.

Investors seeking opportunities within specific African markets will have access to the Review, thereby, encouraging foreign and intra-Africa trade and investment in the continent.


The Africa Construction Law Review

First Edition

The first chapter from the Africa Construction Law Review to be made available deals with construction law and practice in Kenya. As more chapters are released you will see that they are laid out consistently for ease of comparison. Each author had full discretion as to the content of their response to the questionnaire provided.
Special thanks goes to the European Society of Construction Law for allowing Africa Construction Law use of the ECSL questionnaire for this purpose.

Meet Our Editors

Yolanda Ngozi Walker