What you will do

1. Strategic Planning and Execution:

a. Strategy Development: Collaborate with the directors to develop and execute ACL’s long-term strategies and goals.

b. Operational Planning: Translate organizational objectives into actionable plans and initiatives.

c. Performance Monitoring: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to evaluate operational performance.

2. Operational Oversight and Management:

a. Resource Allocation: Optimize resource allocation and manage budgets to support ACL’s objectives.
b. Process Optimization: Streamline internal processes and workflows to enhance efficiency and productivity.
c. Risk Management: Identify potential risks and implement mitigation strategies to safeguard ACL’s operations.

3. Partnership and Stakeholder Management: a. Partnership Development: Cultivate strategic partnerships and alliances beneficial to ACL’s growth and objectives. 

b. Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with external stakeholders, including industry experts, partners, and clients, to drive ACL’s mission forward.

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